The Human Interactome Resource (HIR) presents 155,974 non-redundant interactions, including 90,208 interactions predicted by the HIR V1 prediction model and 69,586 experimentally reported interactions. These interactions are expected to cover 22.4% of the total human interactome with a per-interaction reliability of 41.6%. Based on these interactions, the gene set linkage analysis (GSLA) tool is provided to suggest novel gene functions, analyze functional linkages between biological processes, and interpret experimentally observed molecular phenotypes with known biological processes.

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  • HIR V1.0 update

       The GSLA parameters have been finalized. According to feedbacks, GSLA now identifies functional linkages between biological processes that are satisfactorily accurate and helpful in experimental data analysis. This is the first public version. Feedbacks on the utility of this web tool are continuously invited.

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