The lab has published high impact papers in year 2014

Until now, 1 paper (Agricultural ammonia emissions contribute to China’s urban air pollution) have been accpted and will published on line on 'Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment', 1 paper have been accpted and will published on line on 'Environmental Science and Technology, 1 paper has been published on 'Ecological Engineering'.


Exciting progress in coupled urban and periphery systems (CUPS) research

From year 2005 on, a book "Compendium for Unified Biology" and many papers has been published that focuse on two aspects: (1) the entire evolution helix of biological systems from biologicum macromolecules to organism, CUPS, and global lofe system (broader than bisphere). (2) The CUPS that integrate human into urban ecology research as a endogenous variable, which used to be a challenge for ecologists. According to Research Gate in Berlin, the total Impact Factor (IF) has more than 100 relate to above two aspects.


Important progress in theoretical biology

The theoretical biology research accelerate recently. After the milestone "Fractal features of plant structure and the simulation" published in 1995 and "Compendium for Unified Biology" published in 2005, there are several papers published recently: one paper about complex metabolism network on 'J. Theor Biol', one paper about data ontology in 'Environ. Model & Sofewar', and so on.




Ecology and Eco-technology Lab, belongs to Institute of Ecology and the College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University. Director is Professor CHANG Jie. Leading by Prof. Chang and Prof. GE Ying, the lab has four guest professors international, 4 postdoc, 8 Ph.D candidates, 8 graduates and ~10 undergraduate students. The lab is now focus mainly on three fields: urbanization and regional economical ecology, human mediated biogeochemical cycling, and biodiversity-ecosystem function and constructed wetlands. Recently, several papers have published on the important journals in ecology field, such as "Front Ecol Environ", "Ecol Appl", "Ecol Econ", "Ecol Modell", "Ecol Eng", "Forest Ecol Manage"; also in Environmental field, such as "Biores Tech", "Envron Rese Lett", "Environ pol", "Geoderma" and so on. The books include "Ecology" (textbook), "Compendium for Unified Biology", "Fractal Features of Plant Structure and the Simulation", etc. The lab have established a sound operation system for international communications. We have invited Prof. Changhui Peng, Canada Research Chair, as Yongqian Guest Professor of Zhejiang University. And we have collaborate research with Prof. Scott XC Chang from University of Alberta, Canada; Dr. Laura A. Meyerson and Dr. Frederick A. B. Meyerson from University of Rhode Island, USA; and so on.

Lab's Number

  • We now have 4 post-doctor, 17 graduate students, including 8 doctoral students, 9 postgraduates. In addition, there are 9 undergraduates doing their graduation projects, and 8 other sophmores or juniors doing their SRTP in our lab.
  • Thelab have 3 research directions: 1) regional and urban ecological economics; 2) human-dominated biogeochemistry; 3) biodiversity-ecsystem function research in constructed wetland. In recent five years, we have published 35 papers, including papers on on important international journals (such as Frontiers in Ecology and the environment, Ecological Application, Ecological Engineering,Bioresource Technology and so on
  • We are conducting 2 National Science fundations.Since 1992, we have completed 7 National Science Projects, 11 important and major provincial projects. We have also undertaken "973" Project and EU project. In 2009, we received 1 National Science and Technology Progress Award (Second prize). In 2008, we received 1 Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award(first prize). In 2007, we got the secongd prize for Science and Technology Progress Award from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In 2006, we received Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award (second prize).
  • To date, Prof. Chang and Prof. Ge teach the undergraduates Ecology and get mant awards from Zhejiang University.