DCDB Version 2.0 released

2014.10.06, the current version 2 of DCDB collected 1363 drug combinations (330 approved and 1033 investigational, including 237 unsuccessful usages), involving 904 individual drugs and 820 targets. DCDB provides, for each drug combination, its combined activity/tesed conditions, and current development status; for each individual drug, its chemical, pharmacological and pharmaceutical properties, together with its known molecular targets; and for each drug target, its sequence, functional annotation and affiliated pathway. Extensive cross-links and external links are available.

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2013.3.15, server change, and the service has been restored.

2012.10.9, the server room maintaing for 6 hours, and the service has been restored.

2011.12.15, power supply for the server failed at AM8:45, service has been restored.

2009.12.15, 35 unsuccessful drug combination usages has been added to database.

2009.9.1, the version 1.0 of DCDB collected 464 drug combinations (178 approved and 286 investigational, including 5 unsuccessful ones), involving 485 individual drugs, from more than 6,000 references.